Upland Brokerage Services

Upland's Brokerage Team offers a wide range of services for many types of clients. While we specialize in the representation of tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers, we also provide services such as development, site selection, consultation, and property dispositions. Whether you’re looking for a dream location for your business or searching for the right investment property, Upland is there to guide you through all your commercial real estate questions.

Landlord Representation:

By working with an Upland professional, property owners instantly increase their knowledge and resources , which gives them a huge advantage at the negotiating table. Our staff will provide immediate access to market information on current active tenants, rental rates, concessions, mapping, demographics, operating expenses, recent lease and sale comparables, and property tax data. Upland’s expert knowledge, along with long-term connections with many potential buyers, tenants, and their brokers, will give clients the advantage they need.

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Tenant Representation:

Upland’s experienced staff will provide immediate access to crucial up-to-date market information including rental rates, mapping, drive-time demographics, and recent lease and sale comparables. These readily available resources are one of the main perks of working with Upland, because this information gives tenants leverage with landlords at the negotiation table. Most importantly, Upland does all the legwork, so our clients can continue to run their businesses, knowing they have an advocate working exclusively in their best interest.

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