Tenant Representation
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Upland will provide continuing support and information through all transactions. We have an excellent reputation and know the market well. We offer select service to only exclusive clients, and we will be available 24/7 to help you through the process.

Tenant Representation Process

evaluate and target goals

    • Evaluate client's real state needs and objectives. Objectives are typically determined around features affecting locations, type of center, timing, and cost
    • Location--Establish the best geographic locations in relation to clients' requirements, visibility, access, and co-tenancy
    • Timing--Determine the requirements for timing of locations which have significant impact on market availability
      Cost--Analyze additional factors affecting economics, such as financing, ownership, structure, and landlords' negotiations leverage 

market survey

    • Create a market survey to identify both on and off-market prospective spaces in the desired location parameters. Our team's extensive knowledge of the market will allow them to identify those properties that are not currently in the market but can be presented to you for potential occupancy.
    • Utilize Upland's subscription to Loopnet, MNCAR, and other real estate databases which identify all building within the market that will correspond with the client's requirements.


  • Deliver “best fit” location options with a proposal to each prospective
    landlord, owner, or developer
  • The proposal will include information on topics such as:
‐Tenant improvement allowance ‐ Economics
‐ Legal issues, ADA ‐ Parking
‐ Subleasing/assignment ‐ Signage
‐ Mechanical systems ‐ Warranties

preliminary negotiations

  • Prepare negotiating strategy that addresses the number of buildings with
    which to pursue negotiations and the best approach to utilize in dealing with
  • Coordinate general contractor on site inspections to develop preliminary

conclusion negations

  • Work with client’s legal counsel and other team members to negotiate an
    agreement that most favorable satisfies the client’s needs in terms of
    operational, financial, and contractual flexibility
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